Goodmorning to our football funs from all of the world.

Another weekend full of football is here again.

El Clasico catches the eyes of all of the football planet.

The match that cathes the eyes though is El Classico, the clash between the 2 titans of Spain and of whole Europe, Real Madrid and Barcelona are facing each other and the match is going to be a joy to watch!

Real Madrid is going through a very difficult season and in Galacticos the attention is 100% focused on the biggest goal, which is not other of keeping the crown of the queen of Europe in UCL!

On the other side, Baarcelona is close to mathematically winning of La Liga trophy, on the semi finals of Copa Del Rey and of course they have a clear advantage to go through the quarter finals of UCL after the draw they had in the Stamford Bridge with Chelsea.

El Clasico