Erasmus in
Hradec Králové

One of the most important reasons I wanted to go on Erasmus is that it makes you get out of your comfort zone a lot, mostly by traveling. Traveling forces you to grow out of your shoes and reach the greatness within yourself on a daily bases. You just need to get out of your comfort zone, otherwise you won’t be able to grab small or big chances. If you don’t try out new stuff, challenge yourself and sometimes do things that scare you, then you can stay at home just as well.

Places I have visited

If you want to have the best travel time ever, then you have to do things you have not done before. See the world as a playground, try out and play with it. Maybe you just learn a new language, start to hitchhike, try out a job you would normally never do or you hang out with people, who are completely different than you are. Traveling brings you so many opportunities, but only, if you overcome your fear of getting out of your comfort zone. It is just a crutual thing when you want to travel the world.