WoW Cats

Classic Cats

Black Classic CatKurzen War Panther
Gold Classic CatFlatland Cougar
Spotted Classic CatTwilight Runner
White Classic CatYoung Frostsaber

Grand Lion

Grand LionSambas


Black LionHumar the Pridelord
Golden LionSavannah Highmane


Brown Lynex Cat Wildmane Cat
Red Lynex Cat Springpaw Stalker

Mana Saber

Mana Saber CatLeyline Prowler


Jade Mystic CatJade Guardian
Obsidian Mystic CatSkarr
White-Stripped Mystic CatTime-Twisted Nightsaber


Black Nightsaber CatMoonwhisper Stalker
Gray Nightsaber CatCursed Prowler


Taming Panthara is different from taming any other beast. If "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" for it, you wont be able to tame it. Here is little usefull guide on taming pantharas by Kelani, one of konwn Hunters on YouTube. Good luck!

Blue Panthara CatManafeeder Panthara
Red Panthara CatAncient Duskcloak
Yellow Panthara CatPanthara Stalker


Blue Saber CatFrostsaber Stalker
Spotted-Orange Saber CatDreadsaber
Stripped-Black Saber CatShadowclaw
Stripped-White Saber CatFrostsaber


Orange TigerZouchin Tiger
Red TigerForest Huntress
White TigerPrimal Stalker