About Our Organization

The Ennui society is a volunteer organization with a vivid and storied past that can trace its roots into the primordial, ancient times of the late 1990s. Our founder, Matthew Pennyfarthing – known in the literary circles primarily for his penchant for tremendously overcomplicated, nonsensical metaphors, almost Friedmen-esque, in their sheer wobbliness, fresh off of his best-selling nonfiction book Squish: Why Some Blueberries Are Wet Instead of Dry and a wildly popular televised marathon session of littering on public grounds for the purposes of watching a plastic sandwich bag flutter through the air (1999 was a weird time for a lot of people), was overcome with a fit of existential boredom so severe, sudden and counter-intuitively inspiring, that he dedicated his continuing existence to inflicting this experience upon others.

Momentarily torn from his monotonous slumber-like existence, Pennyfarthing was mildly dismayed that whilst the late 1990’s might have been an excessively predictable and stable (at least from his point of view as an monetarily secure suburbanite) period of time – some even went onto proclaim the era as “The end of history” – there were still pockets of dry grass upon the garden of life shielded from the water droplets fired from the sprinkler of ennui – spicy food, good music, writing from authors less dedicated to the practice of highfalutin boredom than himself… It was then, he decided to us the remainder of his days on this planet to further the cause of listlessness.

Since then, The Ennui society has grown to have offices in more than 12 countries around the world, and its volunteer network encompasses more than 12 000 thoroughly bored people, ready and willing to be slightly inconvenienced by you for the furthering of your own mild displeasure.

Shall you wish to join the legion of volunteers, do not hesitate to contact us, weather through email, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, or any other means, convenient to you. But please be mindful of the windy climate surrounding our headquarters – if the wind speed reaches beyond 15mph, we cannot guarantee flawless smoke signal reception.

Matthew Pennyfarthing Matthew Pennyfarthing, by Matthew Pennyfarthing