The Ennui Society

ennui (countable and uncountable, plural ennuis)

A gripping listlessness or melancholia caused by boredom; depression.

Hello and welcome. In a way, it was inevitable that you would find your way to us. For while there is nothing more human than an futile attempt to fight and wrestle with inevitability, there is only so much on can do. But there is a limit on human ability. Human ingenuity. A person’s passion, energy and will, as much as we would like to believe differently, is finite. And along comes a point, where the endless struggle within the writhing mass of life, becomes too much.

And that, our lovely future donor, is why we exist. Why fight the fundamental law of the universe? We reject such a pointless activity, and instead we just propose this radical solution to most, or perhaps all, life’s questions: Why even bother?

I mean, just look around – fascism is on the rise, global warming is coming to basically boil all of us alive in a couple of decades, and remember Willy? Of Free Willy? The beautiful, carefree, wholesome whale of a friend for an entire generation, that graced us with their shining, incredible presence? Well he’s dead now. What’s even the point.

That’s where we come in. If you feel like you are up for a little bout of existential terror mixed with boredom, and an exquisite whiff of depression, we’re here for you. Just give us a call, and we will fill your life with the mildest, most inoffensive and least response worthy stuff, one could maybe think about for a second, but realize you might have actually decent things to do with your time, and then flushed down the ‘useless nonsense’ pipe within your hopefully not literal brain.

From oatmeal to to seven year old issues of magazines exclusively contained within dentists’ waiting rooms, the most boring crap in the world is waiting for you in the society for friends of ennui.